How Our Proprietary Learning System Works

A Unique Three-Stage Process

How do we learn and change?

Leading edge brain science has proven that “what fires together, wires together.” Repetition is the key to establishing new habits and making them last. But most online learning systems provide little chance for doing anything other than listening or watching and taking notes.

Each of the 12 Thriving modules is presented in three stages:


Learn It!


You'll have ongoing access to a 25 - 30-minute video (also available in an audio-only format) that provides the essential knowledge you need to begin implementing the principle featured in the module.


Imagine It!


After learning the essential elements for a module, you'll be led through a simulation process like those that athletes and other high performers use, to practice a skill before applying it.


Do It!


Directly following the simulation, you'll be briefed on advanced troubleshooting tips to prepare you ahead of time for possible aspects that could challenge your progress. Then, with your learning and simulation practice in place, you'll receive a Game Challenge for each module that allows you the chance to play with what you've learned during the week by immediately applying what you’re learning in the current module to real-life challenges that you choose to work on.


You'll then be provided with two audio files (one for the start of the day and one for the end of your day) that will help you with your daily practice as well as worksheets and a full transcript of the module available in an e-Book format.

What's also helpful is that progress at your own speed. We recommend beginning with the Learn It! video or audio version of the module, about 30-minutes long and then follow up with the second shorter video which includes the simulation and the troubleshooting tips.


Remember to print out the module worksheets so you can refer to them as you watch/listen. You’ll find space for journaling on the worksheets and you can use the back if you need extra room. You’ll probably want to assemble your worksheets into a binder for convenient ongoing reference.


Of course, you set your own timing but many people complete one module every week or two, which means that the entire course will take about 3 to 4 months for the entire course.

Return to the course and refresh as often as you wish.

The Thriving Leadership Academy can also provide live training and coaching or your organization and/or personal coaching for you.


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