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Thriving in Business and Life

A Learning Game of Self Mastery for Leaders


Modules may be purchased individually, by level, or all together as a full course. 


The entire online course consists of 12 learning modules, divided into four levels (three modules in each level).


Regular Price:


Module:                                     ​



Full Course:


$   250


$   600



Introductory Special:



Full Course:


$     99


​$   249


$   900

Every module includes:


  • Part 1 Video: The Learn It! section where we provide everything you need to know about the principles involved to get started (approximately 30 mins)

  • Part 2 Video: An Imagine It! simulation video and a Do It! advance troubleshooting section (combined total of approximately 20 mins)

  • The E-Book Chapter relating to the module (which covers everything discussed in the videos)

  • Downloadable Worksheets to assist you in applying each of the powerful practices you'll encounter.

  • Two daily coaching audios: one for the start of your day and one for the end of your day to provide you with additional support in implementing the practices.

During the first 3 months of our launch (through August 1st) we are offering a 50% discount on all purchases. 

NOTE: Once you have registered and paid the discounted price, even for a single module, you have locked in your discount throughout 2018.