Online Training

Created as an online learning game of self-mastery for leaders, the Thriving virtual training course provides participants the opportunity to master12 Essential Practices for Thriving in Business and Life.


Structured for single-user or combined team participation, the Thriving online course is designed to enhance individual and group excellence both personally and professionally.


By using our own unique three-stage process (Learn it! Imagine it! and Do it!), we provide participants the chance to learn the principles of a practice, engage in imaginative simulations like athletes and other high-performers, and then "Go Live!" with a weekly Game Challenge that enables them to incorporate their learning into their day-to-day life.


Included in the course are modules on:​​​​​​​​​​​​

Level One - Mindset

1. The Power of Story

The stories that we create in our minds (and we are always creating stories) determine whether we are merely surviving or thriving each moment.

Learn how to create and model stories that resolve conflict and enroll others as productive collaborators.

2.  Eradicating the Virus of Bias

Learn to overcome bias (a slanted, inaccurate, or incomplete perspective) by utilizing our unique approach for challenging assumptions and actively seeking input from those with different perspectives about important decisions that affect other people’s careers and wellbeing.

3.  Infusing Your Values Into
Everything You Do


What are you doing when you feel most alive? Discover a compass for navigating your life in alignment with what matters most.

Learn how to overcome the myth that people and circumstances are preventing you from fully living your values.


Level Two - Strategy

4. Putting Vision First


Business, as usual, is problem-centric:
Identify a problem, then find a solution.


The Thriving way is to vision-centric: Learn our three-step process for clearly envisioning what you truly want, while using active strategies to navigate toward that North Star.

5.  Accurately Assessing the
Current Situation


Without assessing the current situation clearly unintended consequences are inevitable.


Develop enhanced situational awareness to quickly comprehend what’s happening in the immediate environment and how to deal with it.

6. Experiencing Results Now


Doing the right type of visualization gives high achievers what seems like super-powers.


Learn how to tap into the feeling of future success to motivate you and those you lead especially when times are challenging.  


Level Three - Resources

7. The Power of the "Ask"


Learn to identify where you have internal resistance for seeking help from certain people and in certain situations. 


The Power of the Ask includes keys to for generating powerful cooperation particularly in difficult moments.

8. Optimizing Resources


Tangible resources are usually easy to recognize for most of us but invisible resources can become your secret weapon. 

Learn how to find and effectively leverage resources others don’t perceive.

9. The Genius of Inclusion


Learn how to inhabit a state of mind that elevates the intelligence, willingness, and performance of everyone within reach of your influence. You'll also discover keys for effectively including people you have previously overlooked or avoided in meetings, assessments, or conversations with optimum results.


Level Four - Taking Action

10. Mastering Quantum Responsibility


Discover how to create a culture where Quantum Responsibility is the norm (i.e. where every individual sees themselves as 100% personally responsible for their unique role; and, simultaneously, teams see themselves as 100% collectively responsible for their combined, interconnected performance).

11. Implementing Dynamic Empowerment


Empowerment is a popular idea that few organizations understand how to implement effectively. Learn to utilize the "Three Cs of Empowerment" process in ways that ensure that you and your people are getting opportunities to succeed in alignment with their own skill sets and abilities while gaining appropriate stretch projects along the way.

12. Taking Action


Discover proven methods for distinguishing cause from correlation so that you take action on the aspects and elements that matter most.


Built as a module that incorporates all of the learning from the previous modules, you'll learn to take action in ways that leverage the best aspects of yourself and your people.



Modules may be purchased individually, in groups of four with one of our four Levels, or as an entire course. For a free demonstration, individual, group or company pricing, click the button below (we won't call you unless you ask us to).