What's Different About the Thriving Course?

Thriving in Business and Life

A Learning Game of Self Mastery for Leaders

Professional trainers agree that their number one problem is helping people turn what they learn into how they live and work. This requires changing how we think and practicing new behaviors until they replace old habits and achieve improved results.


Information is not enough, neither is a motivational presentation or a charismatic presenter. Even dedicated study won’t deliver lasting results and using willpower alone just wears you out. There’s an easier, better way, and now it’s just one click away.

Christopher Harding and Will Wilkinson have harvested everything they’ve learned about success and failure from two lifetimes of personal study, teaching, and corporate consulting to revolutionize the learning process itself. Based on their book, the Thriving Learning Game combines brain-based research, simulations, and daily practices into a proprietary learning system that literally upgrades the software of your mind.

Chris and Will feel so strongly about the benefits of their program that they are willing to slash the price of the course by 50% for the next 3 months (until August 1, 2018). They are confident that once you experience the Thriving Learning System, you will want to learn and integrate all twelve practices.

Click below to find out how you can gain instant access to the learning videos (also available in an audio-only format), an e-book transcript, worksheets, and 2 audio coaching programs for each module. As you literally play with concepts included in each module during the week, you'll be introduced and have a chance to integrate powerful new approaches to optimizing your personal and team success, by managing personnel and relationship challenges in a profoundly new way.